Microsoft President Calls for Regulation of AI: Governments Need to Move Faster

• Microsoft President Brad Smith has called for governments to step up and regulate AI technology.
• Smith announced Microsoft’s “5-point blueprint for governing AI” in order to bring the public and private sector together.
• Over 1,000 industry insiders have signed an open letter calling for a “pause giant AI experiments” at least six months.

Microsoft Calls For Governmental Regulation of Artificial Intelligence

Microsoft President Brad Smith spoke at a panel discussion in Washington D.C., calling for governments to move faster on controlling AI technology, which he believes is one of the most consequential changes we will experience in our lifetimes. He also announced Microsoft’s “5-point blueprint” plan to bring the public and private sector together and ensure that AI serves all of society.

Industry Insiders Sign Open Letter Urging Pause on Giant AI Experiments

Over 1,000 industry insiders have signed an open letter calling for a “pause giant AI experiments” at least six months due to the potential risks posed by human-competitive intelligence systems. The letter urges all labs working with advanced AI models to obtain licenses and share results with government agencies when unexpected issues arise.

Microsoft Backing OpenAI & Integrating ChatGPT Into Search Engine

As part of its efforts to help control how AI develops, Microsoft has spent an estimated $13 billion backing OpenAI and integrating ChatGPT into its Bing search engine. This shows just how seriously Microsoft is taking its own 5-point blueprint for governing AI technology going forward.

OpenAI Pledges To Remain Responsible With Artificial Intelligence

The team behind OpenAI have also pledged to remain responsible with their work on artificial intelligence: “We want our research efforts to benefit humanity as a whole, increase economic prosperity, improve our quality of life, empower people around the world and generally increase the common good.” They are actively collaborating with other companies dedicated to using machine learning ethically in order to create positive change in society through artificial intelligence development.

Conclusion: A Call For More Government Regulation On Artificial Intelligence

Overall, it seems clear that there is an urgent need for more government regulation when it comes to artificial intelligence development going forward – both from private companies such as Microsoft and from within the industry itself via initiatives like the open letter signed by over 1,000 industry insiders urging a pause on giant AI experiments at least 6 months minimum. Companies like OpenAI have also made pledges towards developing machine learning responsibly – but only time will tell if these regulations are enough or if further action needs taken by governments worldwide in order prevent any negative outcomes resulting from unchecked developments within artificial intelligence